Natalie Zachary

Real Estate Trading Services Professional

Entrepreneurship has always been a big part of Natalie’s life, after graduating from high school she started a small business here in Victoria. As her clientele grew she learned how to create a system that was time effective and lucrative. With great success, she felt like she needed to take herself to the next level and so she joined a wholesale jewelry company. This is where she gained experience in the buying and selling environment. Shortly after starting as an administrator she found that she had a true talent when it came to sales. She then was promoted to the branding and marketing of jewelry collections and working personally with international clients. Her capability of being able to create a strong relationship with her clientele has proven itself invaluable. By the age of 20, she established her ability to market a product, create relationships effortlessly and sell with accuracy. As the years went by a career in the real estate industry enticed Natalie because it required the same tactics, but also forces her to adapt those methods to each unique scenario.

Victoria born and raised, Natalie has lifelong knowledge of the south island. With that being said, she is also well travelled. Destinations including Thailand, South Korea, Belize, Mexico and the Philippines. Business trips to India, Miami and Las Vegas also make up her worldly resume. When she is not travelling the world, Natalie enjoys staying active. From painting canvases to training her Border collie, to hitting the golf course, she always finds something to do. Amongst all these activities she enjoys creating new projects. With her success in her early years of work, she has created a growing e-commerce business. To add to her hobbies Natalie has always enjoyed a good challenge. She partook in a national competition, successfully taking home first place. 

Natalie is excited to introduce new leading-edge marketing methods for buying and selling. She also wants to use unique engagement tactics through online marketing. Her ability to create a mass following online justifies that. Natalie is driven to grow as a realtor by expanding her knowledge through specific courses in the near future. Certified Master of Negotiations and Luxury Home Specialist are first of her list. With all that she has achieved combined with the exposure of Sotheby’s International Realty. She feels that she is able to provide an impressive experience when it comes to working with her, consult today to see what it’s all about.

Natalie Zachary
Cell # 250.882.2966
Office 752 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 3M6
Office # 250.857.0609